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Providing Excellence

Over 45 years of experience in manufacturing Compacting Tools based in Bandung, Indonesia.

We are leading the pharmaceutical compacting tools in South East Asia and now we are ready to provide our excellent products and service globally.

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Our Services

Products and Services

High quality with utmost precision products complemented by outstanding capability in providing services for our loyal customers

Customized Punches & Dies Specifications

Altinex will design your custom punch and dies according to meet your criteria and tablet shape specification

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Advanced Tooling Technology

Boost up your production capacity or prolong your tools lifetime with our advance knowledge and technology

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Surface Treatment

Enhance tooling capability by preventing sticking, rusting, and increase wear-resistance with coating and plating treatment

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Customized Capsule Filling Machine Parts

Replace your worn dosing disc, upper and lower segment, tamper pins with our customized designed special for your machine

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Customized Mold/Parts

Just provide the samples of the mold/part that you need and PT.Altinex will deliver the best manufactured products. 

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Maintenance & Repair

Punches and dies will need to be maintained for a longer lifetime and repaired to restore their prime functionality.

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Want to know more about punch and dies?

Consult with our engineer to fulfill your tableting needs. Book a 30-minutes call with us to let us know your requirements for tableting tools.

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